Textile Engineering

Faculty of Textiles and Fashion Technology

  1. Background

The Faculty of Textiles and Fashion Technology (FTFT) is one of the promising academic units of Aksum University under Aksum Institute of Technology (AIT), one of the state sponsored Universities under ministry of education. The faculty is currently offering Textile and Garment Engineering programmes at undergraduate degree level. The department of Textile Engineering is started in 2005 E.C receiving 120 undergraduate students in Textile Engineering Program; the first batch graduated in 2009 E.C. The department introduced Garment Engineering program at undergraduate degree level in 2010 E.C with 40 students.

The faculty is planning to open Fashion Design in 2012 E.C, Leather Technology, Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science in the near future envisioning a top-quality Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology to lay down a steppingstone in transforming the agricultural economy to industrialized economy. The experience of the industrialized countries demonstrates that the role of Textile sector is inevitable and a bridge in their economic transformation.  Considering the role of Textile, Garment and Fashion sector to the economic well-being and industrialization of Ethiopia, Aksum University is going to open its fourth campus at Adwa to achieve the mission of being northern development corridor in Textile and Fashion sector.

  1. Objective
    • General Objective

The general objective of the faculty of Textile and Fashion technology is to produce high quality graduates with entrepreneur  and problem solving mind set by providing to the students a broad knowledge and skill in Textile and Fashion Technology.

  • Specific Objective

The specific objectives of the faculty are

  • Educating and training students for the very dynamic and rapidly changing science and technology market
  • Educating and training students to become life-long learners by providing them with a sound base in textile, apparel and fashion sciences, basic sciences as well as general education
  • Motivating students to become innovators who can respond very positively to the challenges and opportunities presented by new ideas and technologies
  • Imbibing awareness among graduates on the significance of professional and social ethics in their professional career.
  1. Head

Mr. KF.

  1. Programs/Chairs
  • Textile Engineering
  • Garment Engineering


  • Sc. in Textile Engineering
  • Sc. in Garment Engineering
  1. Facts and Figures

Total staff members (On duty and on study leave) = 40

  • 2 PhD holders (One expatriate)
  • 8 M.Sc./M.Tech holders
  • 18 on study leave (M.Sc.)

A total of 565 students are enrolled under the regular undergraduate program

  1. Available Labs/Workshop
  • One Textile Manufacturing Laboratory
  • One Textile Chemistry Laboratory
  • One Computer Lab with 30 computers
  1. Enrolled Students



Program: B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (Regular)





I 94 81 175 Pre-Engineering (Textile & Garment Eng’g)
II 54 20 74  
III 86 48 134  
IV 40 30 70  
V 36 46 82  
Total 310 225 535  




Program: B.Sc. in Garment Engineering (Regular)





I Pre-Engineering
II 27 10 37  
Total 27 10 37  
Grand Total 572  

Contact Address



AiT Building

Office Number: B60R103