Registrar Office

Orientation and registration of students shall be processed for those who are assigned by the Ministry of Education or accepted by the University

Registration procedures;

a) A candidate shall be enrolled for his/her formal studies at the beginning of the academic year (or summer) following admission and placement.

b) Every student must register at the beginning of each semester in order to keep her/his file active. A student who fails to officially withdraw or bring acceptable reasons within the time specified in this legislation from the program will be considered to have as a dropped from the program.

c) Every student has to process his/her registration in person.

d) Registration for a course is done in consultation with a department advisor

e) Registration is considered to be completed when a student submits his registration slip to the registrar on line (on a pre-programmed standard format) or when a stamp of the registrar has to be placed on the official registration slip.

Duties and responsibilities
The university registrar office has various duties and responsibilities that range from preparing the academic calendar of the university to ensuring that all decisions of an academic nature are made pursuant to the University’s rules and regulations. In specific terms the office of the registrar’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment and registration of students according to the prepared plan of the university;
  • Keeping academic records of students appropriately and systematically;
  • Receiving admission applications to the university and submitting these to the concerned colleges;
  • Provision of student transcripts and credentials;
  • Issuing, renewing and replacing, identification cards; and
  • Preparing list of students recommended for graduation and submits to the Senate for approval.