About AiT

Aksum Institute of Technology

Axum Institute of Technology (AIT) to be established under Aksum University. The location of the Institute will be in Aksum university Sefoho campus (main campus), Adwa campus and Shire campus with the head office to be in the Sefoho campus.


The Aksum Institute of Technology (AIT) will be a home for Technology and Engineering that shall focus on educating professionals and providing university-level knowledge to serve Ethiopia’s needs.


  • To educate prospective graduates, provide knowledge and develop skills in technology, engineering, planning and design for the industry and economy.
  • To conduct technology-based applied research, projects and studies that is based on priorities that reflect the needs of the national and regional industries and economies.
  • To create an environment that is conductive to the cultivation of social skills and entrepreneurship among students and staff.
  • To serve as a model for other educational institutions within the country and provide them with the necessary technological education and advanced training.
  • To cooperate with all relevant stakeholders in promoting and developing local and national technological know-how.


The AIT shall be

  • A center of excellence in teaching practice-oriented applied technology education in which its graduates develop the required skills by way of industrial apprenticeships.
  • Engaged in an interdisciplinary approach to applied research in technology and technology transfer as its core task, thereby creating an impact on the development of the regional and national economies.
  • A “learning organization” and establish sustainable partnerships for development and mutual support with the industry, the business community and national and international institutions.


Our Motto

Excellence through Perseverance

Academic freedom and autonomy

The AIT makes use of its academic freedom and institutional autonomy in order to improve its services and prevents its activities from being subjected to unnecessary or inappropriate interventions or misuse by its own members.

Social responsibility

The AIT strives to reach its full potential in order to fulfill its social responsibility through the active participation of its students and staff in community development activities and public services. It aligns its activities in such a way that it is able to carry out the social responsibility bestowed upon it as a public institution. It serves society by bringing about positive changes and contributing to social transformation.

Committed leadership

The AIT leadership is dedicated to excellence and has a strong will to succeed and excel in its endeavors. It is characterized by the integrity and competence needed to accomplish its mission and a resolute focus on the strategic issues.


The Institute top management body is the managing council Composed of:

  • Scientific Director
  • Academic Vice Scientific Director
  • Research and community Services Vice scientific Director
  • Managing Director
  • With the rank of Vice Scientific Director shire campus faculties coordinator
  • Dean of faculty of Textile Engineering in Adwa Campuses